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Our Core Values

 Nasima's legacy is to help the poor, unemployed and homeless women in Pakistan


We wish to transform the women that we seek to help  - to turn them into fully functional, independent and hard working role models for the men, women and children around them

Association & Networking

Due to an incredible amount of women who are in impoverished situations, association is incredibly important value to hold. That way we can build a strong network of capable women, who can then also carry onwards the generational change



It is our desire to be able to stand alongside the women we wish to help, until they are fully capable to stand on thier own two feet. It is for that reason we have to have integrity so that we can stand and support them even if something goers wrong. It is important for us to stick by them

Social Transformation

Important enough to be worth mentioning on it's own, separate from regular transformation should be the value held especially high. Unless it is addressed , less fortunate women will always be driven by social pressure to be reclusive towards change and growth. That attitude needs to change.

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