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The Story of Nasima

It was 1951 when a gorgeous baby girl with golden hair, fair complexion, and mesmerizing looks was born in a remote village of Abbaspur located in Azad Jammu Kashmir. So sweet, kind, and beautiful, the girl was named Nasima, which means a gentle breeze. Nasima got adopted by her uncle & lived a very pampered childhood. She completed her schooling up to grade 10 and grew up to be a very kind and innocent girl everyone loved.


In 1970, Nasima got married to a very decent middle-class family man Mr. Saleem and moved to the busy city of Rawalpindi, Pakistan. She was used to a simple life. With the drastic change of culture after marriage from moving into a joint family system, Nasima became shy, nervous & became very introverted day by day.


Nasima felt very blessed to have a good husband and a good mother-in-law. Both were very supportive to her but could not get her out to deal with people & being social, extroverted family members. With time Nasima became all about her family, a simple wife, a simple mother & a simple Human. 


She had three sons & 2 daughters, who adored their mother for her love and kindness. Nasima always believed to be kind to people, especially to her workers, house helps, maids & needy people around her. She was always at the giving end & spent all her money on giving away or whoever approached her to seek help. The whole family recognized her selfless acts of kindness. She was indeed a "NASIMA," the gentle breeze of selfless kindness.


She died on 26 Jan 2019 in Islamabad (Capital of Pakistan). After her death, Nasima’s Legacy is still alive and works for the exact cause & purpose to “help people in need”. Be it deprived women, jobless women or homeless women struggling with their day-to-day affairs. Nasima Foundation supports Women's Empowerment. Generating incomes & shelters for women & Also Finding their soulmates & arranging their Matrimonial expenses. So every woman can keep moving ahead in life irrespective of their color, religion, or boundaries.     

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